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West Ham’s Young Player Died Due to Cancer Testis

Sad news wrap stronghold West Ham United . Their young players , Dylan Tombides died of testicular cancer disease .

Dylan suffered from the disease a few years ago . But that did not stop the love of Dylan in football . 20 -year -old boy was still in training with West Ham’s youth team .

Dylan has been informed about this disease on his colleagues . But bebebrapa days later , his condition worsened and finally Dylan died on Friday ( 17/04/2014 ) morning local time .

" He was a loving son , he is also an amazing brother and a respected member of the West Ham squad . He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew and respected him , " wrote Dylan’s older brother , Taylor Tombides on his twitter account .

Kubu West Ham plan would be the last tribute to Dylan . At home to Crystal Palace at Upton Park Stadium , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) night , the Hammers will give applause for the young Australian .

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Ilmu Bidan-Riau smog stop flight majority

Nearly all flights at Sultan Syarif Qasim II Airport , Pekanbaru , today canceled following pekatnya smog that blanketed the Riau region .

Airport Operations Manager Riau Dressage visibility Ginting said on Wednesday ( 12 / 03 ) morning only about 300 to 500 meters .

" Normally these days can be up to 70 s , but today there are only five schedules . Was still not sure whether or not so set off , " he told the BBC’s Indonesian , Christine Franciska .

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" To be sure there is only one flight [ airline Lion ] already left this morning , the rest do not know yet . Could be canceled if the weather is like this it all, but there is no notice , " he continued .

The National Disaster Management Agency ( BNPB ) on Tuesday ( 11 / 03 ) night said there were 145 hotspots in Riau observed .
A total of 38 hotspots in Bengkalis , 20 in the region of Meranti , and 19 points respectively in Siak and Pelalawan fire .
" The sheer location of the fire , the lack of water and the dense smoke caused outage constraints , " said Head of Data Information and Public Relations , Sutopo Purwo Nugroho , in a press statement .

Winda Gusnita , 41 , residents of Pekanbaru claimed to have been severely disrupted due to the smog that nearly a month has still not lost .

" There has been no change , we already feel from the aroma can smell the firewood , all white outside already , " he said .
He considered smog this time worse than last year and almost all families in the area complained shortness of breath and coughing .

A number of activities , especially education , is also impaired .
" My son is still school holidays. For the SMP ‘s already closed four days , while the SD already of old did not go to school . "

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He urged the government to take stern action against perpetrators of forest fires in the region so that the smog problem that could arise annually resolved completely .

For the first time , the smoke reaches the town of Bukittinggi , West Sumatra , as stated by a local resident , Maulana Jaya .

He told the BBC the smoke had come to the city since 10 days ago , but the peak was earlier this week and is very disturbing residents .

How to Maintain Healthy Body

The importance of maintaining the health tubuhSelain Of Maintaining Healthy Eyes We Also Need to Maintain Healthy Whole Organ Like the adage in the healthy body there is a strong soul . The following tips on maintaining health include:

Take good care of your oral health
Brushing your teeth carefully and use mouthwash will be able to increase immunity ( immunity ) . Poor oral health can lead to periodontitis ( inflammation of the tissue around the mouth ) , lead to diabetes and heart disease . Therefore , be aware of your oral health is the first step to ensure your health condition .

Keep your hands = It goes without saying that one should keep his hands clean , but most people ignore it . During flu season , people need more frequent cleaning their hands with soap . If everyone pay attention to proper hand washing procedures , one billion people can be free from the flu , prevent further spread of infectious diseases .

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Multiply eating red apple = ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away . ” Red apples , cabbage and green teas all contain antioxidant called quercetin . It can boost the immune system when people are under pressure . Research shows that quercetin intake continuously for five weeks by eating red apples , reduce the 40 % risk of respiratory infections . so we can achieve a healthy body .

Expand your social activities = When the virus attacked , some personality factors can increase endurance . Discussed relative , extroverted people [ who are open and hang out ] tend not to get the flu than introverts [ people who tend to be closed ] . This is because social activities and outside activities can improve a person’s resistance . The more active a person , the less likely he will suffer from heart disease , and have a longer lifespan .

Exercising every day = Exercising can improve blood metabolism and boost the immune system . Even when the body is attacked by the disease , exercise can actually extinguish these factors .
Enough sleep = It definitely helps a person’s immune system if they can sleep 8 hours a day is beneficial . It is not easy to get the flu for people who sleep well all night , because a deep sleep may increase metabolism and immunity recover quickly .

Having an optimistic mood = They are happy , excited and calm , have a smaller risk of contracting infectious diseases . From a survey of 193 healthy men , found that those who are emotionally optimistic do not have specific symptoms of the flu and have a stronger resistance to upper respiratory tract disease .

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Eat a variety of foods = In general , the human body vitamin deficiency . People deficient in vitamin D. People can not rely on a mix of vitamins and need to get it from food . Vitamin D is usually found in fish , eggs and milk . It is good for one’s health if consumed these foods . immunity will also be reduced if a person does not have enough vitamin C. People can get vitamin C from citrus fruits .

Having a positive mindset = A series of biochemical reactions in the body will follow the mind arises . A positive attitude will increase levels of nitrogen monoxide , so as to achieve a balanced nervous system and boosts the immune system .

Try meditation and breathing techniques = If people pay attention and adjust their breathing or learning to meditate , it will calm the central nervous system , helps relieve stress , modulates sleep and strengthen resistance to disease . People who voluntarily follows the practice of meditation can have more antibodies than those who did not meditate .